Atlantic Ocean style diving

Atlantic Ocean style diving

We had a day in Mindelo, Cape Verde and I joined a local dive company without really thinking about the difference between here and the Caribbean. I had been accustomed to warm 78-80 degree water and wearing a shorty wet suit. Great visibility and all that goes with it. Here – a bit different. First thing on was a rash shirt, then a 5mm thick full wet suit with hood. Then a 3mm shorty over that and a beanie under the hood and booties between me and the flippers. We were in a ribbed inflatable boat and went around two points to a volcanic rock cliff with a towering stalagmite. The rocks continued down from their cliff and into the ocean and at 65 feet where they become a rock quarry where fishes hide and meander. A stingray and lovely turtle came by and in the distance was the sound of whales communicating. However the current against us was strong and while I was swimming, I noticed that the rock next to me never moved and I wasn’t not gaining ground. But I did stay relatively warm as I was swaddled and expending calories. We surfaced there and our RIB came to pick us up. The last challenge was to get into the boat. Not quite so easy but accomplished. Happy to have dived. Happy to return to the hot tub on the ship. I toyed with the idea of diving in Senegal tomorrow, but with similar conditions, I think I’ll pass on diving in Africa for now. Ready for the Indian Ocean.

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  1. Yep, my thought exactly…
    Diving should be comfortable going in, coming out and after a shower!
    Should see some reef life in the Indian Ocean – take pictures!

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